ICREA Conference on the evolution of multicellularity, Barcelona

/ICREA Conference on the evolution of multicellularity, Barcelona
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The ICREA conference on the evolution of multicellularity will take place in Barcelona the dates 30th September through 1st of October 2013.
The transition to multicellular life represents one of the most important events in the history of life. Yet, despite its significance, little is known about the mechanisms involved in this transition. In recent years, emerging data from various fields are providing new insights into this major evolutionary transition. With advances in theoretical, molecular/cell biology and genomics approaches, there is a clear need for further conversation and collaborative efforts between experimentalists and theoreticians.
The ICREA Conference on the Evolution of Multicellularity will bring together researchers with diverse backgrounds with the goal of stimulating and fostering inter-disciplinary discussion and collaborations. The talks will be organized around six mini-symposia encompassing the major topics and approaches related to the evolution of multicellularity. The six symposia are: 1) Origins and mechanisms; 2) Development and Gene regulation; 3) Genomics approaches and insights; 4) Theoretical approaches; 5) Social Evolution; 6) Computational and synthetic approaches.
For additional information and updates please visit the Conference page at www.multicellularity2013.com.