Dear EvoKE members,

EvoKE is a community of scientists, educators, science communicators, policy makers and journalists, all united around the idea of making biological evolution and the science behind it more accessible and understandable to the society. EvoKE aims to build a collaborative, diverse, and dynamic network of people interested in promoting a greater scientific literacy in evolution. We believe that a better understanding and acceptance of evolution is fundamental to make informed decisions and to address societal problems. Every 2 years we organise an international conference, where network members and invited guests share their ideas about evolution outreach and education, engage in workshops and working groups, and give shape to following years of EvoKE activity. The first meeting took place in Porto (February 2017) and initiated the EvoKE network. The second conference takes place in Split, Croatia, 26-29.2019.

To date, EvoKE Conferences have gathered ~100 participants each from all over the world, and are composed of a few invited keynote talks, a poster session and a number of workshops and interactive activities. Our community is growing fast and so our meetings will likely grow with it, hence we aim at allowing the meetings to be as large as the community’s needs and activity required.

We would like to invite proposals and applications from all interested in hosting the third EvoKE Conference, planned to take place in February 2021. In order to express your interest in organising the next EvoKE meeting please fill this form until the 5th of October.
We are aware, that organising such event is a significant endeavour – as an organiser you would receive from EvoKE significant support in the form of:

1 – An initial plan to follow on how to organise such events (what steps, in what time, with whom);
2 – Dissemination through all our channels, a draft dissemination plan and resources to be reused;
3 – A draft proposal for registration forms and evaluation criteria;
4 – Potential team members from amongst the EvoKE community, with relevant expertise;
5 – A budget contribution towards organising this meeting.

Please feel free to forward this announcement to everybody that might be interested in making the next EvoKE 2021 happen!

More information about EvoKE and its meetings on


Szymon Drobniak, on behalf of the EvoKE Board